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Our IT services are tailored to meet all your needs

Pay as You Go

You don’t have to commit to a monthly contract and we will provide IT support whenever you need it.

Personalised IT Support Contracts

These IT support contracts are tailored to the complete IT needs of your business. We are happy to work within a specified budget, and will spend time to fully understand your requirements.

Remote IT Support

This means we can provide you with IT support via our web portal on our website or over the phone. For many tasks this is a cost-effective method of getting your IT systems running smoothly, we will also respond rapidly to you.

Ad-hoc IT Projects

This means that if you need holiday cover for your IT department or require specialist help with a one-off project we have a range of flexible packages available to suit your IT requirements.

Monthly Retainer

We have guaranteed support available through Annual SLA Retainer plans. We base the rates on the response times you require and the number of PCs within your business. With this plan a fixed number of hours can be purchased at a discount rate in advance.

Wondering about changing your IT provider?

Are you satisfied with your current IT provider? Do they provide an adequate service with the correct level of expertise?

If you wish to discuss any of your current IT issues with us and find out how we can improve your current systems please call 01772 257257 or feel free to book an IT Consultation, free of charge and without obligation.



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