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This is a desktop virtualization approach in which a desktop operating system, typically Microsoft Windows, runs and is managed in a data centre. This allows the user to interact with the OS and it’s applications as if they were running locally because the desktop image is delivered over a network to an endpoint device. The endpoint could be a thin client, a mobile device or even a traditional PC.

Depending on the type of VDI deployed, this approach can have many benefits. IT departments may be able to extend the lifespan of otherwise obsolete PCs by repurposing them as VDI clients, because little actual computing takes place at the endpoint. When the time does come to purchase new devices, organizations can buy less powerful and cheaper machines.

There are significant security benefits of VDI because all data lives in the data centre, not on the endpoint. If a thief stole your laptop and it used VDI they won’t be able to take any data of your machine, because there is no data on the machine.



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