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Managed online backup

How securely is your business data backed-up? Are tapes used to protect your business’ critical data? Atomic Computer Systems Ltd secure managed online data backup protects your data without tapes… automatically!

Our online backup service is fully-managed, offering enterprise-class, full IT support, Cloud data back up solution, business online backup and instant restoration. Your data will be automatically backed up to our secure UK data centre facilities, where you can rapidly restore it by using a dedicated link or internet connection, 24/7/365.

The SLA-backed managed backup service ensures that your critical systems and data are always protected by completely eliminating the limitations of traditional tape based data backup solutions.
•    Rapid restoration is available as data is stored on a dedicated disk.
•    Only transfers new incremental data – usually 1-2% of all data.
•    Regular, fully automated Cloud data backup to remote locations.
•    Centralised management in remote locations for online backup services.
•    Assessed and certified to store data rated ‘official sensitive’ government data online backup service.
•    Managed online backup service charged on a per-usage basis.
•    Online backup services available from 10TB to 50TB both using the same infrastructure and technology.
•    Disaster recovery service and SLA-backed Business Continuity.  



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